10 questions that indicates you need a Coach

10 questions that indicates you need a Coach

Many people still misconceive the true meaning of coaching. Some think it’s the same with counselling while others think it’s a pastoral job. Coaching is quite distinct in the sense that it does not impose beliefs, values or thoughts on the Coachee or client (the receiver), rather it allows the Coachee the opportunity to think things through within its area of focus. Also, coaching does not encourage criticism, neither does it undermine the thoughts, dreams and aspirations of the Coachee, no matter how awkward they may sound.

Unfortunately, people feel that the super powers within them is capable of making them realize all their set goals. While this is completely true for people with strong commitment and structure, experts have realized that same can’t be said for others as a result of environmental and other perceived limitations. These limitations give room for the word ‘ACCOUNTABILITY’. For instance, in order to manage our financial excesses, we open bank accounts. Same applies to Coaching. While you know you can do X.Y, Z, you need a Coach to guide and hold you accountable in order to achieve your planned success.

A Coach therefore is an experienced person, who supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. In summary, a Coach helps the individual to go in the way that they want to go. A Coach does not advise, but through careful and strategic questions and structure, the Coach is able to open the mind of the Coachee to unending opportunities.

So here are a few personal questions that indicate you need a coach:

  1. Why can’t I focus on my goals?
  2. What’s my purpose in life?
  3. How do I get my groove back?
  4. Why I’m I not achieving much even with all the efforts?
  5. Why are my finances not growing?
  6. Why am I stuck in my Career?
  7. Is there a problem with me?
  8. How do I manage my success?
  9. I can’t handle this anymore
  10. Nothing excites me

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