Understanding you and taking ownership in your organization

Have you ever wondered why some people join an organization and somehow emerge leaders within a short time?

Ms. Fatima recently got employed in a new organization as a teacher. Even with her teaching experience, the new school was a bit different as this was a special school providing early intervention for children with different abilities. Having resumed on a slightly different job, Ms. Fatima wondered if she could excel but within a couple of days, she was seen to be all over the place, having fun while teaching the children effectively and efficiently. She was also seen delivering on assigned task in no time. Her dedication caught the attention of management staff and soon Fatima was given higher responsibilities and promoted to a higher job.

On the other hand, Ms. Joy who was also employed by the same organization made no impact whatsoever in the organization even with the prominent job description she held. Like Ms. Joy, many people get into an organization and their presence is never felt even if they have been there for a year or more. They get lost in the crowd, fail to show their expertise, their talent, or skills even the smallest of it.

Within an organization, some responsibilities are clearly identified and listed in the Job description but in some cases, many task are not assigned and need someone to take it up. It could be a spontaneous action that needs to be addressed or an overlooked task by a colleague that could cost the organization a lot.

A lot of reasons can be responsible for the lackadaisical attitude of employees like Ms Joy and these includes: Poor motivation from employer, limited knowledge of the job and organization’s focus; and lack of passion for the job. While some persons are naturally born as leaders, others not so privileged can learn to use their unique soft skills in adding value to their organization, by taking responsibilities, initiating ideas and getting the right recognition for that. A skill as small as making the best coffee or organizing skills could be the organization’s next exploit. Taking responsibilities of things or task around us should come naturally if we are aware of our personality including our strengths.

In recent times, organizations do not ask only about a candidate’s job qualifications and experience but also on the soft skills which they possess that can add value to the job. Such soft skill could include: Culinary, organizing, artistry etc.

An individual’s personality reveals their highest productivity level and their capabilities. It reveals the individual’s conditioning and beliefs, their coping strategies in the face of difficulties, things they need to grow, talents, values and in what state they spend most of their time. In understanding personality, one discovers that every personality type has its innate gifts and this should be used judiciously while delivering all responsibilities.

One should not struggle to hide what they are able to do even if this has no direct linkage on the organization’s area of expertise rather employees should identify their strengths and utilize it for organizational growth.

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